S/Y Saphir af Stockholm

The years under our ownership from 2014 Saphir has been having full service with storage in temperete and dehumidification system storage hall every winter (15 Aug- 15 June) by Orust Yacht Service in Sweden. We have only sailed her during vacation period and then she was out of the water during 10 months. In the service regular maintinance like shifting of oil and impellers, polylish and paint below waterline, etc are included. More information about the yard can be find at www.orustyachtservice.se

Main Upgrades 2014

New sail from Elwströms

EMS Mainsail 66,5 m2. Crusing Ocean Crosscut Hydranet HN 480
Furing Genoa 88,6 M2. Crusing Ocean Crosscut Hydranet HN 480
Furing Jib 30.5 m2. Crusing Ocean Crosscut Hydranet HN 480
All sails are in the thickest hydranet quality for long life and strength. All sails have UV protection in Acryl.
Sailnumber of Saphir SWE 989 on the main and genoa. The main sail has 5 standing battens and the genoa has E-form to compensate the furling shape. Even the Furing jib has a thickness of 480.

Main Upgrades 2015

New Gennaker from Elwström, Radial Woven crusing Superkote 130, 191,2 m2 put later on a Selden SX-25 Furling
Satellit telefon KVH V3IP and yachtrouter from Locomarine. (replaced by V30 in 2022)
All new antennas AIS, VHF, Navtex, Land WiFi and Sateliit antenna on aft pool.
New Navtex sailor 6004.

Main Upgrades 2016

New autopilot Raymarine 2x, direct drive units on roderkvadrant, one to pull and one to push, makes it a very strong. Seperate from all other systems. Remotecontrol. Old autopilot B&G remains as 2nd spare option

New main anchor ULTRA 60kg with ULTRA swivel in high alloyed stainless steel. Recommended was 45 kg but with this option it gives extra safety when achoring.

Main Upgrades 2017

New custom made hardtop to improve safety and comfort in cock pit. Dressed with teak on outside and typical Orust craft man skills decoration on inside, skylights and 10 dim spot lights on inside. Solpanel on roof top. New canvas extention in marine blue.

New Raymarine navigation. Plotter eS127 12.1 HybridTouch MFD in cockpit, RMK-10 Tangentbord, a65 5.7 MFD WiFi at navigation place, Radar RD418 4kw HD digital color on new pole on aft deck, 4 x new I70s GA instuments on disply at entrence, I70s GA in aft cabin, I70 s GA and p70s GA and RMK-10GA remote unit on stering piedestal, D800/P17 and P120 hullspeed, deepth and water temp. New AIS950 class A, Wind direction and speed also connected to autopilot. New AIS 950 GPS antenna, Night and front camera CAM210 IP. Active AIS Splitter 100, Old Furuno Nevnet 3D plotter and radar remains with upgrade. Two totaly seperate navigation and radar systems adds to security.

Removable solarpannel Victron monocrystal 190W (totalt of 3x190W) and Silent wind 24 V generator 450W on new stainless steel aft pole.

Upholstery new 2017 in saloon, nav table and aft cabin with Marine blue with small yellow/gold crowns. Name of textil Orust.

Main Upgrades 2018

New standing rigg (change of rodwire and wire shroud and stay)
New custom made cock pit table with foot support
New Raymarine computer to mamba drive autopilot (spare pilot)
New Raymarine VHF 25W (new Ray 90 VHF) cock pit with new loudspeaker and one at navigation seat
New nightvision Flir M200, placed on starboard top spreder on mast
New monitor for energy consumption Simarine Pico monitor (replaced with Mastervolt Easy viuw)
Installation of fixed pump to change oil (12 liters) in main engine

Main Upgrades 2019

New liferaft, viking Resc Pro 6 pers on aft under davits, hydra release
Adding 2 more Victron monocrystal 190w solarpanels (total 570w)
Racar 2x900 dieselfilter to keep diesel clean. Sirculation pump, one 30micron filter and 10 mic
New Locomarine router to handle wi-fi from land, mobil or satellit.
Small bathing platform for easier docking with dinge.
Replaycement of enginee room fan and adding a second one.

Upgrades 2020

SSB/HF Radio ICom M802 with pactor 4 modem and own GPS antenna.
All new halyard
New Mastervolt Combimaster 24V/3000VA-60A (230v) charger/inverter (changed next year)
Uplight on mast
New binimi over aft deck
New bowsprint, combined for genacker and anchor holding.
New Lewmar Ocean main sail sheet
New large cooler in kitchen
Grinding of the teak desk. As new Van Dam put 15mm teak deck (today Hallberg rassy is using 9mm on new boats). This will be the first time the deck will be grinding. Estimation is that it is still will be some 9-10mm left after the grinding.

Upgrades 2021

New 3 domestic batteries Mastervolt MLI Ultra 24/5500 Heavey Duty
New Mastervolt generator Alfa compact 28/150 VP on mail enginee to charge the domestic batteries.
New Mass combi Pro 24/3500-100
New Mastervolt easy view batteri monitor

Upgrades 2022

New watermaker Spectra Newport 400c, new location outside enginee room
New Satellite phone KVH V3O ("old V3IP KVH from 2015 canceled operations by end of 2021 from KVH)
Iridium GO to cover when KVH has no cover in the Pacific sea.
New anti fouling in June
New washing and dryer machine by Bosch
Furuno plotter C-map New Wide:North-West European coasts, West European coasts, Central Amercia and Caribbean, Mega Wide: Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.
Raymarine Navionics New 28XG UK, Ireland and Holland, 46XG Europe Central and West, 30XG Africa and Middle East, 4XG Mexico, Caribbian and Brazil, 14XG Pacific Islands, 12XG Australia and New Zealand.
New cooker hood Dometic CK 400
New Portable cooler/freezer Dometic CFX 40 Professional, extra during ocean passage.
New tender Highfeild Classic 340 in light gray and Hypalon fabric
New outboard engine Yamaha 15 hkp
New sail covers to genua and the staysail in dark blue.
4 Ocean singal MOB 1.
New windless Lofrans Falcon 24v/1700w

Upgrades 2023

New Raymarine plotter Axiom Pro 16 inch screem, nav table screen updated to work together with main plotter.
New startengine main engine/bowtruster batteries 12v2x200Ah (24vx200Ah)Matervolt GEL
New antifouling Februari in Panama and September in Fiji.

New Blue Water Runner sail from Elvstrom with GX45 furling system

Refit 2023 according specification, ovn headline

Others 2014

New Mastervolt Gel batteries, 6st 12v/200Ah (24/600Ah)
Re packing of life raft.
New safety equipment: Rescue line, Dan Buoy with light, Man over board rescue set, Parachute, flares and smoke.
New pumphouse front WC
New step fender
New Selden protectors

Others 2015

New position lights Hella LED extra strong
Red, green 3NM, stern 2NM, main engine 5NM
3 coulour top light 2NM
New teak holder to outboard enginee on push pit.
New start batteries to mail engine, Mastervolt Gel 2st 12v/200Ah
New engine room fan
New rummer around port windows Lewmar.
New pint around skylights
New mooring lines
New carpets all around
New curtens all around by Eva's design
New sail sheet to genua and jib.
Repair, cleaning and impregnation of the spryhood
New Jeppson seachart 226

Regular sevice to main engine and gen set.
About 25 minor fixing points.

Others 2016

2 new generators to main engine.
New steering wheel from Lewmar with option to fold
New fans in both bathrooms
New paint on the stern
New pumphouse to front toilett
Remote controll to anchor windlass
New fog horn (Certified)
New passive radar (Certified, ARC regulations)
New searchlight (ARC regulations)
Maintenence gangway
Regular service to main engine
Service of the windlass
About 15 minor fixing points by the yard.

Others 2017

Service to heater
Service to diesel generator
New LED compass lights
All lights in cabin changed to LED (not lights in port windows and floor lights)
2 Sirocco 24v fans, starboard guest cabin and aft cabin
Fot pump to be able to pump fresh water in seperate tapp, security if pressure pump is out of order.
New teak on both GT bench.
Blast and paint of Boom with new name
About 10 minor fixing points by the yard.

Other 2018

New teak box on aft deck to storage rop etc
Control of stearing wires and locks
Service to all winsches
New telescopic bom to staysail to be able to sail "wing by wing"
New teak on pullpit
New dubble step fender
4 Sirocco 24v fans, portside gueat cabin, second in aft cabin, kitchen and navigation table.
Service to all 4 fire extinguishinger
Fender woodplank, 3meter by 30 cm
Service to all portlights
New safety box installation
New extra sun cover over helmsman
New approved manuel bilgepump in cock pit (ARC approved)
Cleaning of fresh water tank
Little paint repairs and some minor fixing points
Two new round danfender A4

Upgrade to spear part storage

Zink: 6xTechnoseal 230mm 8,5kg/pice, 4xJ-prop 90mm 1.05kg/p, 4xTechnoseal R3 100mm 0.7kg/pice 4xPF2
Will be individual packed in vacuum: 6 oilfilters to main engine, 4 oilfilters to dieselgeneration, 6 fuelfilter to mail engine, 4 fuelfilter to generator, 2 impellers to mail engine, 2 impellers to genset, extra generators to mail enginee, extra start engine to main engine

Other 2019

Service to diesel generator
Change of some hose on main enginee
Teak box on aft deck to keep mooringlines
New joystick to bowtruster
Wingnut to anchorwinsch
Auto fuze to achorwinsch
New black water pumps to both toilet tanks
Little paint and some minor fixing points
4 new Danfender F5 (30x76, 1232)
New emergency beiglepump
New covers to all fenders with embroidered name Saphir
Storm foldable anchor Fortress FX-85

Upgrade to spear part storage

1 generators for mail enginee
Zincanodes to Onan

Other 2020

Service Reckman genua hydralic furler
Sheet cover over front dorado on deck
Red night lamps at navigation desk
Teak floor in front storage locker
Two new cleats between winsches in cock pit
New heater in hot water boiler
One more new fire extinguisher dirctly after entrence
Extra antenna outside for Iridium 9575 extreme mobil sat phone or Iridium GO to navigation table as back up and to cover parts of the world when V3O (V3IP) is not having cover (part of the pacific)

Other 2021

New seperate gray water pump, Reinstrom
New seperate biegle pump, manual and machin pump (as complement to big emergency biegle pump) Johnson
Viking Power Vacuum 24v
Masterbus interface, fuseholder,3 Ultra relay Kit etc. needed for installation of new batteries.
New special 6kg fire extinguisher for Lithium batteries

Others 2022

Service main engine with new oil cooler and heat excange
New engine cushions
New stearing wires
Service liferaft
Service new batteri Eprib
Service all fire extinguisher
New emergency light, rocket and smoke
New push bottons for aft docking winches.
New hoses to both toilets (high quality to avoid smell)
New toilet seats to both toilets
New Ultra anchor ring 14.5kg, emergency recovery and extra weight for the chain.
2 Divecontainer presure tested.
Adding even more to storage of spare parts and extra equipment: 4 Anodes to J-propp, 2 anodes for rudder, 8 filter to Racon 900 diesel cleaning, 6 CAV filter to main enginee, 4 oil filters, impellers to Perkins and Onan besides what is already in stock.
Updated Spinlock lifevests with pressure release and spare units

Others 2023

Wingnuts to waterpump main engine
New "front" seal on waterpump